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Topic: Re:Re:Welcome to Ruth Cadbury!
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 22/05/15 23:02:00

I referred to Cameronís pledges to abolish The Human Rights Act and introduce a law that dictates what we are allowed to think, believe and say; and my entourage of stalkers, who follow me everywhere on this site, were soon on the scene shouting names and obscenities. Most, if not all, of these idiots will have voted for this dictator and the shackles he wants to put us in. Devoted tory, Brigadier Gintrough, immediately, and shamelessly, went on the defence of this tyrantís Orwellian plans to gag the voices of those he wants silenced, implying that all is well as a new British Bill of Rights has been pledged; but when asked what Rights this new Bill will provide us with, the Brigadier failed to reply... I suspect he doesn't know.

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