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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Kevin Pietersen
Posted by: Janice White
Date/Time: 15/05/15 08:41:00

The ECB really are a shambles, and MUST take some responsibility for the way in which they deal with issues and be more transparent, Colin Graves made a statement (as far as we are told by the press) saying the slate would be wiped clean at this stage he had not actually started his term of office!!!

The issue with KP goes right back to when Peter Moores was appointed the first time around and the ECB never dealt with the situation properly so everything then festers.

I do not believe he should be given any hope of Test Cricket for England again, however his world knowledge of the short form of the game i.e. T20 would invaluable and IMHO would help the young talent to understand about  big hitting, runs and no fear all those quality which will win the World T20.   I am a test spectator through and through, but like everything in the world we have to make changes, and England certainly need to do that with their ODI and T20 teams.

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