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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Kevin peterson
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 13/05/15 09:56:00

I think Kevin Pietersen is being treated appallingly, the question is - Do we want to win? If so all these squabbles need to be put aside and get on with getting a decent team ready for The Ashes. I agree that both Cook and especially Strauss are part of the 'old boy brigade' who like to keep things as they want them, if Strauss is 'Director of Cricket',then he should grow-up, man-up and stop behaving like a knob, sport in this country has always been at the mercy of these cabals, Strauss needs to remove his head from his a*se and put England first. Also ditto for the RFU who don't want to let players who play in other countries be part of the England team, people need to earn a living - so what if they play for a club in France what's that got to do with anything? Again the question is grow up, get over yourself and put the national interest first. Frankly if these dim, up themselves morons can't do that then they are the ones that should go. 

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