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Topic: Re:Iguinal Hernia - any advice
Posted by: Brian Hutchinson
Date/Time: 13/05/15 14:44:00

I had laparoscopic (keyhole) bilateral inguinal hernia surgery carried out on Dec 29th last year by Peter Dawson who operates under the NHS at Charing X. As I needed the surgery done quickly, and did not wish to wait the standard 18 NHS weeks, I had the operation done privately at a cost of 3.5k. It was very successful and I was effectively back to normal after 2 weeks and even able to do heavy lifting after 6 weeks. A neighbour of ours, who was coincidently referred to Charing X in January with an inguinal hernia was fortunate enough to be operated on, also laparoscopicaly, by another surgeon at Charing X in late February. Unexpectedly quick timescale and also with good results. Good luck to your colleague and tell him it's a simple operation and laparoscopic is best, and least invasive.

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