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Topic: Re:Re:Electric Vehicle charging points
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 11/05/15 17:57:00

Chris, I've just bought a hybrid car that runs on electricity, but doesn't need a charging point to recharge the batteries.It's got a 2 litre engine that apart from driving the car, also acts as a generator.So the car will do about 30 miles on battery power, up to 70 mph, then the engine cuts in and recharges the batteries.You can also choose to run the car driven by the petrol engine like a normal car if you choose.The car also has regenerative braking, so when you use the brakes, that also recharges the batteries.It's avery clever set-uup.The batteries are flat, and lie under the floor so there is still a huge boot.You don't lose any space at all.This car is now the No1 selling hybrid, and I think this set-up is the way all hybrids will operate, maybe with a much smaller engine, just to recharge the batteries.That would make charging points at home pretty redundant unless manufacturers can get a fully electric set-up to equal the range of a hybrid.

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