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Topic: Re:Re:Time of declaration - Sewage in the Thames
Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 06/05/15 21:05:00

In case you are wondering why you see raw sewage in the Thames in Chiswick, Brentford and Isleworth, here's a letter sent to residents by Mogden Action Group.

"Dear Residents

Thank you to all who have recently registered odour complaints about Mogden. We have indeed experienced yet another Bank holiday weekend of unacceptable odour.

Thames Water has written to us in response to many complaints recently and simply cannot explain the odour. This reeks of an odour management regime which is simply not fit for purpose.
On most other occasion the Company attributes the stench to the six uncovered storm tanks. (the size of three football pitches)  This, we also find quite unacceptable.

We have written some 140 emails to Councillor Ruth Cadbury and asked her to address the situation as she is wanting to be elected as the MP for Isleworth and Brentford. We also believe that she is the person who should be addressing the problem directly with Thames Water and Council senior management because it was she who proposed, recommended , voted and approved the ill-fated expansion of Mogden without ensuring that the tanks were first covered as we directed her to do following our expert legal advice. We therefore hold her responsible and accountable as a Councillor. Predictably though, she has not responded to our emails.
Storm tanks are being used so frequently that Mogden managers have deemed it necessary to divert sewage flow to river on some  96 occasions following the site increased capacity. Ms Cadbury assured us  that diversion to river would be necessary only approximately once a year following site expansion.

Ms Ruth Cadbury also assured us that  any uncovered storm tank may not be used more than six times in a calendar year rolling 12 month period. She promised us categorically that any breach of this limit would initiate an investigation and enquiry with a view to issuing abatement notices against Thames Water and forcing them to cover the storm tanks as they should have done in the first place.  

Both Thames Water and Councillor Cadbury have refused to provide information on actual input flow on days when storm tanks are being used and / or input flow when sewage is diverted directly to River Thames. Councillor Cadbury  has also to date refused to insist that Thames Water place any odour monitors near the open tanks so that Hounslow can issue the necessary Abatement Notices.  We are quite astounded that Cllr Cadbury and Hounslow Council has refused to insist on this obviously necessary requirement to monitor the odour and enforce action within its statutory duty under EPA 1990.  It is blatantly clear to this committee that Cllr Cadbury will not take any action to rectify her major blunder in proposing expansion of the site without considering the distress caused to residents by the continuing sewage stench. What is of course the most incredible display of contempt for this community is that Ms Cadbury will not respond to emails or communicate with residents at all on these issues.

We took these issues to Mary Macleod MP who has taken the matter up with DEFRA minister who has communicated our concerns to Thames Water.and the Environment Agency.

We also took the matter up with Brentford Liberal Democratic Party who have enlisted the assistance of Vince Cable Business Secretary MP to tackle Thames Water. They have also written to Hounslow's Environment Director  and demanded a plan of action. They have not yet received any response from Hounslow.

We will keep you updated.


Mogden Residents Action Group"

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