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Topic: Re:Re:kingston hospital a&E
Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 03/05/15 11:46:00

Hi steve well I wouldnt have come back to this because ive basically spent two day there with a rotten horrible shock of an ending.espcially for my partner who has lost her mum who she loved very much out of the blue....but have to say from the beginning to the very end kingston hospital and every single member of the staff from the consultants to the cleaners were just wwonderful that is the only word to use...there is something special about that place cant put mmy finger on why it must be the whole ccollective if you get my meaning. While in the n a and e spoke to a nurse about how quiet she ssaid same amount of people but have put systems in place so you are seen by a nurse straight away and it carries on from there..we arrived in an ambulance so different for us.....yep kingston hosp a very special place it made you feel kind of proud there you go

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