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Topic: Re:kingston hospital a&E
Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 03/05/15 11:22:00

"it's myself family member 2 others and that's it......."

"thats amazing Pete. Thanks for he tip. Must try it next time god forbid we need it. Having said that I had to take my wife up to West Middx a couple of months ago and the rolling lights said it was a 4 hour wait even though there were only about 10 people waiting. When it got to only 2 people waiting (me and my wife) the rolling lights still displayed a 4 hour wait!!!  As it happens my wife was seen within an hour and it was excellent 'service'. I just wonder  what the purpose is of the NHS scare-mongering and causing distress by falsifying the waiting time notification.

Pete, as a matter of interest, whatwas the estimated waiting time you were advised when you arrived at Kingston and there were only 4 people waiting? 

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