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Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 01/05/15 17:18:00

Thanks, Richard, I was just about to call Greenhough out for the usual clanging ignorance, but you put it more eloquently.

SWT is the nearest thing* to rolling back the damaging operational fragmentation caused by rail privatisation, being a public private alliance with a single operating model and joint operating team. They emphasis teamwork and focus on the railway rather than trying to pretend competition matters more than co-operation and everything is best sorted out via contracts and lawyers.

Applying your favourite public/private sector ideological preference to railways without adequate research usually ends up tripping over something important. So don't.

* Other than London Overground, which is a private company** delivering a public service to a public sector specification, by TfL.
** Except that it's co-owned by the state railways of Germany and Hong Kong

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