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Posted by: Andrew Cumming
Date/Time: 30/04/15 15:58:00

I prefer to be called Andrew, thanks.

My take on it is that the Lib Dems sold out a large number of their voters for a sniff of power, enabling a Tory government which the majority of voters did not want. As for how much the Tories conceded, Iím not sure it was anything that much. The dog was very much wagging the grateful tail. Polls suggest the Lib Dems are now paying the price, however. As for the success of the last five years, Iím not sure GDP per capita, the level of national debt or the pocket of the ordinary working person would necessarily agree with you. In fact, with regards to the Conservative pre-election contract, the last five years have actually not been that successful at all. (contract seems to have been deleted from the Conservative website. Donít worry, you can still find it on google).

Although an official coalition would be impossible between Labour and the SNP, Iím quite excited at the thought of a vote by vote agreement. The SNP will have no more influence than their number of MPs and our political system allows. However, if they can help persuade Labour back to a position on the left then all the better. The people of this country might believe they have a real choice again. I needn't point out that a grand coalition of Labour and Conservative would do the opposite.

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