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Topic: Re:Re:non-payment by High Road Auctions
Posted by: Alan McBride
Date/Time: 27/04/15 17:11:00

Doesn't surprise me. I have stopped using them. You couldn't make it up. I wrote a Google review on them:
Where to start with High Road Auctions in Chiswick?

I have bought many things from this auction house and it seems that buying on the night is the only thing that works normally here. Bid in person on the night, pay on the night, collect item on the night.

However, selling here is a completely different story - a total nightmare. I had previously sold some items here and the service was poor - slow payment, lack of communication and they actually lost 2 items (and I had to do all the chasing on that occasion). However, I thought I'd try them one more time since I'd prefer to give custom to a local business rather than a central London auction house.

I took about a dozen items in at the end of November 2014 and I've only just received payment for the final lot. I stupidly thought that all of my items would be in the following week's sale. No - they were put in piecemeal with no rhyme or reason. I had no idea if/when the items would be in an auction. Sometimes I got a pre-sale advice note, sometimes not. All in all, my items were spread out over about 6 different auctions.

I had late payment on 3 occasions. The staff never answer emails or call you back. On one occasion I was kept on telephone hold for 20 minutes and then told nobody could help me.

It's fair comment to say that the customer quite literally appalling and so I'll take my future business elsewhere.

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