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Topic: Ruth 'Hot Chocolate' Cadbury 'memory lapse gate'
Posted by: Alex Thomas
Date/Time: 26/04/15 12:54:00

Hey, most of us get memory lapses on stuff, right? So...... why not have a bit of paper in your pocket with a few bullet points on it or on your smart phone????? Or even a PA on hand???? I would then have more respect for you. Memory lapse, yeah 'right'. No more excuses please, you are  purported to be a top councillor and the favourite to be our constituency's next MP? Please do some of us a favour and do the 'honourable' thing...... ('Right Honourable' - Get it?)

And naturally i sincerely apologise in advance to any of you that feel the 'Hot Chocolate' thing is 'inappropriate'. It's just Ms Cadbury's family connection to Cadbury UK Ltd - Sugary stuff. lets hope that i don't get sued under TTIP otrsome other rule if their product sales get affected by my harmless 'Sugary stuff' jibe, well certainly less harmful than a whole heap of sugary stuff anyways. Unless of course the tabloids report that sugary stuff is now good for us again, like they did with butter a few weeks back. Ummm lovely lovely butter.........

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