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Topic: Re:Re:san sebastian pintxos?
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 24/04/15 15:32:00

Actually one thing we learned is that "Pintxos" is not simply the Basque word for "Tapas", the two are completely different things, with different histories. "Tapas" is a lid that used to cover drinks to stop flies falling in, and bartenders started to put small portions of tasty food on the Tapas / Lid, hence the name.

"Pintxos" was for when fishermen used to get together for a drink after work, and to avoid drinking on an empty stomach they would eat up whatever scraps were lying around, on a small piece of bread. The bits of food were secured to the piece of bread with a small toothpick or cocktail stick, called a "Pintxos", hence the name.

All this fascinating history you will discover if you take an evening Pintxos tour in SS.

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