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Posted by: Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 23/04/15 13:08:00

The Chiswick = Conservative and the rest of the Borough is Labour is an extremely simplistic conclusion as anyone who has canvassed across the Borough would know.

People with large Mercedes in their drive ways vote Labour for a variety of reasons such as "I work in the NHS", "My grandfather was a Welsh miner who was shot at by Winston Churchill's soldiers in 1926" and my personal favourite "I was born in Newcastle".

I have also met nice people who live in Social housing who say "I vote Conservative so that my grandchildren will have a future" and "we have to deal with the deficit and the national debt and only the Conservatives seem to understand that".

At the Local Elections last May 100k votes were cast for Labour and 57k for the Conservatives (each elector had three votes).

Back of fag packet calculations would suggest that it took two and a half times as many votes to elect the eleven Conservative councillors as it took to elect the 48 Labour Councillors. 

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