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Topic: Smokehouse
Posted by: Andy Rooney
Date/Time: 16/04/15 09:42:00

I'm surprised that the opening of Smokehouse, at the old Hole in the Wall, hasn't registered on here yet.  Mrs R and I had a very pleasant evening there last night - good food and drink, and knowledgeable and efficient service.  (Goat tacos and potted duck, followed by short rib bourgignon and 'the sphere' of pork belly and pig cheek, with a pleasant cellar-temperature Fleurie, since you ask).  They look to have done a nice job on the garden too, though it's not open yet, so there'll be good al fresco dining in summer.

Perhaps they're staying under the radar for the first couple of weeks as they debug things - no separate website for the Chiswick operation yet, just - but it was pretty bug free last night and definitely a welcome addition to the local dining options.  Prices there or thereabouts for Chiswick.

(Usual disclaimers - no connection, just happened to say to one another 'I wonder if that Smokehouse place has opened yet')

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