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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 11/04/15 14:46:00

Yes, that does sound rather strange doesn't it.Why would the police ignore an alarm activation at a safe deposit strongroom ? When an alarm at somewhere like this is activated, an operator at Scotland Yard will receive the call which will give them a unique reference number.When this number is entered into a computer, the full details of where the alarm is activating will be displayed, along with all relevent information about the location, It will also give details of any previous alarm activations that may have occurred there.If there have been previous activations that have proved to be false, these will be displayed on screen.After a set number of false activations, they will be warned.If there are further false activations, the alarm will be banned, and police will no longer attend any future activations.This is the only reason I can think of why police didn't attend although at a location like this, that does seem a bit bizarre. Or perhaps they just didn't have anyone to send.

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