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Posted by: Colin Jordan
Date/Time: 03/04/15 10:04:00

Someone should tell Ed Miliband that he's not running for Congress. With his 'There you go again' (Ronald Regan) and his 'Hell, yes' comments, it sounds as though he's trying to appeal to the voters in Middle America rather than Middle Wallop. Cameron managed steer a fairly even course, and Clegg put on his usual 'earnest' act. As for Nicola Sturgeon, she came across as what she is - a tribal politician with a visceral hatred of the English masquerading as opposition to 'Westminster'. She is willing to distort any facts to convince her supporters that the Scots are being badly done to by the perfidious English. My main disappointment is that they didn't win the independence referendum and relieve us of the burden of financing them. As for the rest, no surprises: a couple of 'controversial' remarks by the ever-jovial Farage and from the Green woman the usual student politics: well-meaning but vastly impractical proposals. The other candidate efficiently put the case for Wales, I suppose.

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