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Topic: Bravo Cllr John Todd!
Posted by: Andy Murray
Date/Time: 31/03/15 14:51:00

With admirable alacrity, Councillor Todd alerted the Hounslow Council Cabinet to the egregiously severe proposed rise in charges for pavement trading, which would have had a disastrous effect on places like the Grove Park Deli, in my manor, Grove Park.   

In my view, the cafe atmosphere created by by the tables and chairs for deli customers to dawdle with a cake and coffee adds substantially to the appeal of Fauconberg Road and complements its wide pavements. It's such a benefit to the ambience of the area that the Council should be paying them to do it, rather than trying to charge them up the wazoo. 

Notwithstanding the odd complaint of late night noise from close neighbours, the same can be also said for the Copper Cow, whose pavement tables add to the liveliness of 'Fauconberg Village' in the summer, and are a useful overflow for customers wanting a respite from any noisiness within.  

Credit also to Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, for his swift recognition of the error and his pledge to have a more reasonable table of charges after a review.

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