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Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 28/03/15 18:46:00

Fracking involves blasting water, sand and chemicals into the earth to free gas and oil trapped in rocks deep underground.
We already have more fossil fuels than we can burn if we want to avoid the worst impact of climate change. A new gas industry would simply mean more emissions.
Leaks, which are not uncommon, could contaminate ground water supply or even reach the surface.
Then there are the trucks too. Each site would require 6-17 trucks of precious water per day.
It has been claimed that shale gas could bring down bills but that simply isn't the case. Fracking companies will sell their gas to whoever pays the most for it. Plus we already export gas at the same time as importing it for more money. That's how the market works.
If the government is serious about tackling climate change, a mass investment in renewables is needed and if it's serious about lowering bills, a large scale roll out of energy efficiency measures, like insulating homes and cutting demand would be a far better place to start.
There is enormous potential in the UK for energy from wind, sun and wave.
The go ahead has just been given for water source heat pump technology in the Thames to supply 65,000 London homes and businesses near Battersea Power Station with clean energy.
It is estimated that a home using the technology could cut its energy bills by 50% and if there are solar panels too? Any surplus is sold to the National Grid.
Energy and Climate Change Secretary E Davey says "We need to make the most of the vast amount of clean renewable heat that lies dormant and unused in our rivers, lakes and seas."
So do we really want fracking going on next to us, under our houses and all over the countryside?
In Balconbe they are in the process of supplying their own energy.

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