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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 26/03/15 17:59:00

Interested in the Honest John site.
Last week we set off in the car for 4 days R & R only to find, some distance from home, that we could not find the pull out part of the radio. I knew I had put it with the stuff to be loaded into the car. Husband joked that this was a ploy to get him to talk to me for the next 3 hours.

On returning home I searched everywhere and soon found just the cover in the gutter. No radio pull out and no debris either. Gave up and rang the wonderful man who keeps the old car on the road. The bad news was that the model specific to my car would be in the region of 900 plus fitting as I would have to buy a whole unit.
The good news was a kind neighbour had spotted it and picked it up so when, in hope, I emailed all my neighbours, it was handed back to me.

The point is, would HJ have been able to source a radio unit at a more reasonable price. I was advised not to go to car breakers as i could have had more trouble than it was worthm

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