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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Expensive car keys
Posted by: Jane Reid
Date/Time: 26/03/15 16:17:00

Car dealers charge an arm, leg and kidney for replacement keys and you can get replacements FAR cheaper if you go to a specialist.

Go on to the Honest John website...
Honest John is a former car dealer who writes for, amongst others, the Daily Telegraph and his website is a treasure trove of motoring stuff and advice. How to get replacement keys is a regular topic. If you go to his ask Honest John section and use the search function for replacement keys you'll find loads of ways of getting reasonable priced replacements for different makes of car. There is even a specific section on useful websites on HJ that lists replacement keys and locksmiths. That'll do you. I got a new remote key, latest design, programmed, for a Ford for about 35 - 40.

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