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Topic: Re:District line signalling now planned for completion in 2022
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 24/03/15 22:34:00

"I think the 2018 date was probably never realistic anyway"

I've been dubious about 2018 since the Bombardier deal collapsed and 15 months went past with no deal signed with Thales, but apparently there was a long-standing funding deal with the DfT that ends on 31/12/2018. Presumably both sides now have some measure of agreement to replace/extend that, though Lord knows who's paying for a 1.4bn budget hike; us probably.

This is all sorts of bad news for Chiswick, not only is the TG stop probably as far away as ever but because the new District trains have fewer seats and there won't be any more frequent for the next seven years there'll be more people standing. The impact of no increase in tube capacity for the best part of a decade despite substantial population growth doesn't bear thinking about, either. Finally the Piccadilly Line trains are 42 years old this year and will be well over 50 by the time they're replaced and the current signalling was falling to bits twenty years ago but now has to clog on for four years longer than expected.

Basically TfL have arsed it up big time in the eight years since Metronet collapsed, and have been punished by, er, all keeping their jobs and being forced to sort it out. A less supine press would be asking the Chairman of TfL to explain himself to the public he's let down, rather than yapping about him possibly becoming the most unsuitable Prime Minister of all time.

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