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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 23/03/15 18:59:00

Yes, some bright street lights at the front but not at the back of the house which is where I often hear them singing - but then they are probably so high they can see the light from the streetlamps over the rooftop.

I had a pigeon nesting on the architrave - if that's the right word - that goes round the front of the house below my bedroom window.  She laid three lots of eggs last year and was pretty quiet so I let her get on with it but this year she has tried to do it again and woke me up every morning a month or so ago without fail with the cooing - perhaps it is designed to attract a mate? and which would be lovely later in the day but not at 5-7 am given the time I go to bed, and as she hadn't laid any eggs yet I am afraid I got rid of the nest.  

Someone else's turn to be the host this year I am afraid!

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