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Topic: Re:Metropolitan Police TX borough
Posted by: R Atterwill
Date/Time: 23/03/15 17:38:00

As I have previously said I introduced the Communications Link to Hounslow Borough Police some nine years ago, but the reason given at the time after many months of discussions with ourselves and the London Borough of Hounslow was this initiative had to be abandoned was due to a lack of resources and that they could not find suitable and acceptable sights across the borough.

Let's take the first point first, lack of resources. Would it have been better to answer the dedicated Communications Link line (Clink) or would it have been better to bring into fruition a confidential help line, in which Members of the public (Mop) could speak to police about any fears or observations that they might have where the lived, or surrounding areas.

Likewise Mop could also speak in confidence about any problems, they or anyone else was having in their community.

Resources. Officers who were deployed working in police station offices could been just some of those who could have been used in receiving all the calls from Mop.

Remember we had already purchased ten widescreen screens to broadcast our messages to the public asking them to disclose to the
Met' problems that were encompassing them.
Likewise the met' could have transmitted messages to them (with or without any video) asking for mop help.

This was all some nine years ago, and in the meantime one police station has closed down. The police stations that still remain open work on restricted hours Monday to Friday.

Gone are all the borough based communication aided despatch (CAD) offices and in there place we have three call centres spread across the whole of London, and they are obtained by dialing 101. When you ring 101 you are talking to a operator who doesn't even know much about your neighbourhood.

When police want help these these days they broadcast a brief a message on Twitter. Again where is the two-way interaction that was first agreed upon by Hounslow police.

This is the very thing that is vitally missing from today's society. All communications have to be two way in order to get any real benefit out of the whole of the policing system. This the only way forward to help mop and indeed instil better relations both sided of the counter.

I ask Houslow Borough Police to reconsider this project and likewise the rest of the met across all the other thirty one boroughs.

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