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Topic: Re:Re:Private GP in Chiswick?
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 16/03/15 20:55:00

Quite agree with you Pete.If you have a cough for 10 days you probably also have a chest infection, and that will almost certainly need antibiotics, but Chris said he had flu, and if he has got flu, antibiotics will not help.They are only effective on bacterial infections and a private gp will be a waste of money.I also agree with what you say about getting an appointment at the health centre.If you can't get to the surgery for opening time, start ringing 5 minutes before opening time and keep ringing until you get answered.Everyday they have emergency appointments at the end of morning surgery.Ask for one of those.Also, if you haven't checked for an online appointment, it might be worth looking.Online appointments are not available on the phone or to personal callers at the surgery.Until recently, my wife was the reception manager at Chiswick health centre and she said it is quite worth checking for an online appointment first.

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