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Topic: Miss Naysmith
Posted by: Joy Skinner
Date/Time: 01/03/15 18:32:00

I was very sorry to hear of her sad end and interested in reading about her extremely hard and colourful life.

She seems to have lived in a fantasy world.I encountered her in the early Seventies when my children were at the Cavendish School. I often used to see her sitting by the river in front of our house in Chiswick Mall when I returned from taking them to school in the morning and she frequently came and had  a late breakfast with me. She told me she had an undercover police job fighting drug dealers and that when her job was done she would go and live with her brother in Milton Keynes!

I knew this wasn't true because our local policeman Tony Holloway said she slept in St Nicholas church porch and had nothing to do with the police but I never challenged her story and after a while she stopped coming. I realise now that must have been soon after she had lost her flat and I wonder if the brother failed to help her or perhaps never existed?

Some 40 years later I met her walking up Chiswick Lane South but when I greeted her she angrily denied we'd ever met.

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