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Topic: Illegally parked car advice
Posted by: Jules Meyers
Date/Time: 15/02/15 21:13:00

I have a private parking space on a private estate. I rented my space out to a young guy who paid sporadically for  year, but he has now disappeared leaving his car in my space. His phone has immediately gone to voice mail for 6 months and my calls have gone unanswered, as have my texts. In that time the car became grimy, had a puncture, and had multiple bin liners of stuff inside. I suspected it was abandoned until out of the blue (when i wasn't around) someone took it, washed/repaired and MOT'd it. The estate where i live say it's not their problem as not parked on communal space, they have no car clamps or anything. The council say as it is no longer in disrepair it can't qualify as abandoned so they won't touch it. Police not remotely interested. I know it has no insurance or road tax (I have no idea if it has SORN). I have asked DVLA for details but this will take 4 weeks. This has now cost me sooo much time and money. If i push the car onto the road, I am not sure if I am liable if anything happens to it (It is an expensive people carrier). It's driving me mad. Any ideas what I can do? Anyone have experience of this?

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