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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 15/02/15 14:34:00

It's something you never forget.I was a passenger in a van that hit, and killed an elderly woman in Hillingdon in the early 80's.Two elderly sisters in their late 70's crossed the road to a traffic island in the middle of the road.The sister nearest to us stopped on the island.The one furthest away continued walking, and stepped straight out in front of us.It was impossible to avoid her.The lady died at the scene, and I can remember it like it was yesterday.It was a terrible experience, made even worse by the other sister witnessing what had happened.We had to go to the inquest, and faced the ladies relatives.Although they didn't blame us for what happened, it was horrible looking at their faces when the coroner read out the horrendous
injuries she sustained.Virtually every bone in her body had been broken.The thing that is really vivid in my mind is seeing the ladies shoes laying side by side in the middle of the road.We had knocked her clean out of them.I am absolutely certain that the lorry driver that hit Ms Naysmith will remember that night for the rest of his life

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