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Topic: Anne Naysmith, Lorry driver
Posted by: Jeremy Millington
Date/Time: 15/02/15 11:11:00

We've just heard the news of Anne Naysmith's tragic death, and want to express our sympathies to the community around her who supported her. She certainly was a character and the world needs more colourful characters like her.

We do also want to make a brief comment about the driver of the lorry that tragically hit Ms Naysmith. We have not read many details of the story except for the fact that he was not arrested by the police at the scene and that there will be an inquest. I think it is important to say (and I haven't seen it stated elsewhere) that for quite understandable age, health or psychological reasons, Miss Naysmith did take time crossing roads and did not always take sufficient care to ensure it was safe to cross. On one occasion when my wife offered her help in crossing Prebend Gardens as she seemed entirely unaware of the fact that a vehicle was rapidly approaching her, she reacted extremely angrily towards my wife and refused the help.

I'm not in any way passing judgement on a lady to whom life dealt many terrible blows and who was extremely popular with many local people, but from experience, I'd like at least to raise the idea of us giving thought to the lorry driver who many be entirely innocent, and who will blame himself forever more for taking a life.

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