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Topic: Re:Re:FP cricket story "Stuff & Nonsense"
Posted by: Cliff Sykes
Date/Time: 14/02/15 17:21:00

As Fixture Secretary for Polytechnic CC and now for the combined Turnham Green & Polytechnic CC, I feel more than qualified to add to Stuart's comments. The Tabard Pilgrims did indeed beat "The Poly" on several occasions from the mid-1990's to 2006. The matches were always played in a good spirit with many a pint shared between both clubs afterwards. I do remember a few drawn matches and an occasional win for "The Poly". However, to put it into context, the matches were almost always played against our 3rd XI.
I have always got on very well with Stuart and the Tabard Pilgrims, but the point that the feature was trying to make is that Turnham Green & Polytechnic are really the only remaining club based entirely in Chiswick, playing all it's home games in Chiswick and reaching out to young
people in the local area to encourage greater participation in cricket. I cannot stress what a tremendous and precious asset that is. Which is why we feel so privileged to have been chosen by Middlesex to be the show-case club for Natwest Cricketforce. We are really looking forward to using this event to give our facilities a much needed "facelift".
It was great to resurrect the local fixture with Tabard Pilgrims two seasons ago and the fixture for 2015 has already been agreed and will take place on Sunday 30th August. The match will start at 1.30pm. The bar will be open. Everyone is welcome. It will be sunny. 

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