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Topic: FP cricket story "Stuff & Nonsense"
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 13/02/15 15:40:00

"the only cricket club based in Chiswick..."

Just the sort of hopelessly unresearched twaddle that gets some local journalism a bad name..

FYI - The Tabard Pilgrims Cricket Club (we used to play the Poly and thrash them regularly) is alive and kicking - after far more than a decade..

But then again, I suppose some reckon the back end of Grove Park is a lot more "Chiswick" than tatty old Bedford Park...  :)

And another thing!  We used the Fuller's Ground as OUR home pitch for many a season - until we quit to pursue a variety of far sexier options...

That said - good luck to TGPCC...  Chiswick's second finest cricket club..


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