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Topic: Gunnersbury Park cafe
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 13/02/15 15:36:00

Looks like we will have another unwelcoming, expensive eyesore foisted on us as we did in Chiswick House grounds. If Hounslow are prepared to accept such a hideous building right next to a Grade I Palladian villa, then the poor old Georgian mansions have no chance as ealing is likely to be no different.

The old cafe in Chiswick House grounds may have been in poor repair and had crummy loos, but it was a wonderful community resource, not least because it was considerably more friendly (to dogs and people), than the existing building and a lot cheaper to use.

The cafe in Gunnersbury park is similar, although not as welcoming to dogs as Eileen's lovely old cafe in Chiswick House grounds.

Whilst I can live without eating and drinking in the park, the lack of toilet facilities that are available for the entire time that the park is open is a disgrace. It is beyond belief that the council are willing to sanction a plan that will include the demolition of the existing, perfectly acceptable, toilets that have been built so recently. Will we be expected to go inside the carriage display to use the facilities and therefore, inevitably, be unable to take dogs in?

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