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Topic: Re:Re:Graphics Cards
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 05/02/15 17:47:00

There is no mention of RAM in the spec

They are offering
Intel Core i5-4590 Processor (Quad Core HT 3.3GHZ, 6 MB,w/HD graphics 4600
8 GB (2 X 4 GB) 1600mhZ DDr3 NON-ECC
500GB (5,400Rpm) 2.5 inch Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive with 8 GB FLASH
Intel integrated graphics

Would that be enough to give very fast performance - I like to have a lot of applications and files including lots of email, Word, Powerpoint and Acrobat files open at the same time, antivirus running in the background and be able to switch very quickly between them all - or should I spend another 150 for the AMD Radeon R5 240 1 GB Card, and a slightly faster Intel processor - a 4690 instead of a 4590? The trouble is with adding things later is I would need to pay someone to do it as I am not that technical!

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