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Topic: Personal Finance Class For Young Adult?
Posted by: Joe Wengler
Date/Time: 05/02/15 14:47:00


I wondered if anyone had any bright ideas about classes for young adults on personal finance?† Iím sure there are loads of self help web sites which if you were motivated to read it would provide all the required info.† However, I am looking for a scheduled classroom type of thing which if I booked for one of my kids would ensure that they got a basic foundation in personal finance.

Iím thinking about topics that would be relevant for a person leaving home for the first time going off to university.† In my world that means balancing a check book, checking bank statements, managing credit card debt and possibly even having a budget (although I never could stick to one.)† However, these days with contact-less payment systems etcÖ Iím sure there must be new strategies.

Included would have to be managing personal online security details.

Iíve looked on the web and I donít see anything like this available.† Perhaps I should chill out and let them figure it out for themselves?† However, if there was some kind of course available over the Easter holidays or something that would be great to hear about.



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