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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 05/02/15 13:11:00

There are some very good articles on sleep deprivation and the causes.

Stress is the first to look at and deal with.
No reading in bed.  Flicking through a magazine is OK
Computers - don't use them after 6pm to see if too much iPad, laptop, mobile phone use is causing you problems.
Try to eat your evening meal early i.e. before 7pm and make sure you eat breakfast - oat porridge is a good GI to help you through the day.
Red meat - my insomniac friend says that red meat at night causes her problems particularly something delicious as a nice steak!
Alcohol - cut it out for a few weeks and see what that does.
Same goes for sugary things and chocolate

There are 2 Clipper teas - Sleep Time and the Snore one.  I use the latter one to get a deeper sleep and my husband who is very stressed and working too hard at present finds the former helps him to drop off easily.  Best to make the tea and then go straight to bed, drink it and put out the light. 

See if any of these ideas help.

The final thing I have for overworked husband is to get him a good brand of Selenium with ACE to take one each morning for 2 weeks (not for long term use).  Don't take one after lunchtime or you may find yourself buzzing when you should be going to sleep.

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