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Topic: Re:Effective reporting of animal cruelty
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 03/02/15 19:14:00

Report it to the dog warden.  They are brilliant at responding, at least within a couple of days with a visit to owners, and if they can't track down the dog owner, they keep a record of the report in case more come in and they find the owner in the future.  It counts towards proof of cruelty or dangerous dog behaviour.

From what I have heard about the local dog wardens they are diligent, responsive and very happy to be informed of incidents so they can keep an eye on and take action on dog owners.  I know someone who reported something about a local dog and the warden was around there within a couple of days to talk to the owner. 

I don't think they will necessarily be able to come as something is happening but maybe its worth phoning them and clarifying what they do want to know and when and how quickly they can respond?

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