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Topic: Effective reporting of animal cruelty
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 03/02/15 17:15:00

Anybody got any ideas as to how to do this effectively? I know that the RSPCA are not interested.

Two recent incidents:
I was on the way into my hotel on holiday last week and had my dog on a Cani-X lead but walking to heel. A women was standing by the hotel entrance and had a KCS on what I initially thought was a short, fabric lead. As we approached, it became apparent that it was in fact an unlocked extendable lead and the dog shot out and tried to attack my dog. It was also in danger from the passing traffic and the lead was long enough for it to have fallen four feet into the "boat float" and river as both the pavement and road are very narrow.

The owner continued to ignore its snapping and snarling so I called out and asked her to get it under control. She glared at me, then screamed at the dog which, unsurprisingly, ignored her, whereupon she yanked it so hard that it yelped and fell over. She proceeded to drag it on its side across the pavement, grabbed it by the collar and beat it so hard that I could hear it ribs echoing, all the while shouting and screaming at it.

Needless to say, I gave her a piece of my mind. The hotel confirmed that she was staying there but was not a regular. They were as shocked as I.

Last night, I was walking round the block with my dog when a man with a beagle passed on the other side. The beagle started barking and pulling toward my dog and the owner yanked the lead and hit it hard around the head whilst shouting at it.

Sadly, I know this scenario is repeated countless times every day because owners do not socialise or train their dogs, but, especially in the case of the first incident which was severe, what is one meant to do?

Before anyone counters that I am more concerned about animal welfare than domestic violence, the two often go hand in hand (although I'm not suggesting that this was the case in the incidents that I witnessed) and apparently "minor" incidents in both areas often escalate.

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