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Topic: Re:Re:Things disappearing in Chiswick
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 02/02/15 14:35:00

Although the trees may have posed a risk, there does not seem to be a plan to replant with healthier stock and of course, hedges are being ripped up all over the borough so that Carillion do not have to maintain them, not least on Back Common.

Not only has a vast chunk of the Common been sold off to the Rocks Lane sports people, there are large portions of the day when either the school mentioned or others take over most of the remaining space or it is used by "boot camp" trainers. I have seen attendees of the latter organisations jumping up and down on benches and pulling at ropes attached to the few remaining trees. Complaints to Hounslow have been ignored. I am sure that the people who participate pay a lot to the trainers but how much of it is given back to the borough in fees?

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