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Topic: Re:Things disappearing in Chiswick
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 30/01/15 20:09:00

Including trees on Chiswick Back Common - one at a time - currently 4 over the last few months but  nothing being done to keep the grassed area in a useable state.  First tthere was one football pitch, then there were two and last week there were three Leaving less and less space for the regular users and come the summer there will be no grass just a quagmire Kind per the private school that is renting our Common so they don' t have to bus the darlings to an official sports field which is properly maintained for the fee they get.

I really do miss the old poplar near to the pedestrian crossover on TGT.  Always full of a variety of nesting birds.  They have taken out the fruiting trees and instead we have London Planes which give me hayfever and provide no home or food for wildlife

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