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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Microwave heated hot water bottles?
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 02/02/15 13:14:00

This is something we have had a lot of discussion about at home looking for a safe alternative to the traditional bottles filled with hot (shouldn't be boiling but most people use water from the kettle) water.

We have not bought an elderly relative one as a result hearing about fires caused by microwaveable ones.  Please google this problem before you decide.

There are several different kinds of microwaveable ones.

They MUST be placed in the microwave so that they can rotate properly to heat evenly.  (I think the fact that they are so easy to use may encourage people to chuck them into the machine with less care than they should.)

There is a problem with re-heating and overheating ie putting it in, turning it on, then doing something else before going to bed and then going back and heating it up again because it has lost heat.

I think they should have warnings ON THEM and not just on the packaging.

There appears to be one type which can catch fire after it has been placed in the bed and another which can explode (but I think that just happens in the microwave). I expect they all catch fire in the microwave if the turntable can't rotate.

So these too have their risks which you should take into account.

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