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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 29/01/15 11:12:00

In 2012 our research showed that Sainsbury did not own the car park area and whilst we could not find the ownership details it was largely believed that Hounslow Council had an interest.  We did know that Sainsbury had a lease to use the car park.

We did know that the actual store and loading bay land was jointly owned between Sainsbury and British Land.

There is often difficulty in determining who owns what and my appeal went to those who had the experience and expertise to get this knowledge.

Some of you will remember that the Bedford Park Society had considerable difficulty ascertaining who owned what at Bedford Corner and Ealing Council were less than helpful with the disputes that were taking place.  I believe that the puzzle has now been solved but the longstanding public use of the area has changed and I am not sure that all the demarcations and currently enforced exclusions in front of the shops are legally enforceable.

This was not something I was involved in but merely followed it out of interest because I regularly use the vet and the cafe in the summer.

The Sainsbury matters are of interest to all of us because of future development.

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