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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Arm the police ?
Posted by: Paul Green
Date/Time: 11/01/15 10:23:00

I have not responded to your posts on the Paris attack as given the widespread loss of life and these truly terrible events I think it highly disrespectful, as indeed are your posts. You should crawl off to the corner of the web inhabited by similar nutcases, particularly the right wing anti-government US lot who make most of the videos you post. These are people who want no government and indeed no order, so they can do whatever they want. The comment you can tell a lot of someone by the company they keep is in your case quite true.

You tell others to be open minded and look at evidence. But you are not open minded, all your are looking for is anything to back up your ideas. None of what you present is evidence, its just hearsay and half truths. SOmeone with no credibility makes a comment on a news show and suddenly these are 'facts', to be repeated by idiots like yourself as if they are accepted truths, when they are nothing of the sort.

Lets look at the first Paris attack. You posted that it was suspicious there no cars in the rooftop video of the shootings. Someone who had ACTUALLY BEEN THERE posted that it was actually an alley (its in the name of the street), not a through road, and so often very quiet. However, true to form you ignore inconvenient truths and keep repeating this as suspicious.

Similarly, the video you post here, clearly the product of another US nutter, talks about President Hollande referring to actors. In fact, someone doing a live translation of his speech uses the word. In French the word actor also means for example a 'player', such as a major player in this event. Some words are difficult to translate directly. However, lets not let a simple fact or language knowledge get in the way. 

It is really, truly pathetic, and symptomatic of some serious underlying personality issues. I am surprised so many give him airtime on here given the attrocities that we are witnessing. Indeed, other terrible crimes are happening around the world, such as in Nigeria, or indeed Syria, Iraq, with limited coverage. In these cases they are both far away and lacking the instant video/ smartphone/ 24 news coverage that we are used to but also invariably provide food for bottom feeding conspiracy theorists.  Rather than google conspiracy bullshit why not go and look at the first hand accounts from aid agencies and other voluntary organisations about what is happening out there.

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