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Topic: Re:Sound proofing/noisy neighbours
Posted by: Katrina Black
Date/Time: 28/12/14 16:06:00

You have my sympathy! I've tried Bicester Acoustic Rubber Insulation on one party wall. I no longer hear speech but still hear cupboards closing as they are fixed to that wall. The manufacturers say that to be effective it has to be fixed to both sides of the wall. It's a layer of rubber with 2 layers of plasterboard on top. I also used cork in between plasterboard partition walls and between floors and this is effective (in Bathrooms and Loos) but it is bulky and takes up valuable space. Most noise reverberates because of the hard floors and lack of curtains and other soft furnishings and that seems to be the main problem.
Good luck with finding a solution! Please share it if you do!

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