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Topic: Re:Re:Recycling CDs and jewel cases
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 21/12/14 13:03:00

Some of the charity shops throw out hundreds of very good cd's  and dvd's because they have too many.
The  Oxfam bookshop don't and have sleeves for those with damaged cases. They recycle ones which are badly scratched and any excess is collected for redistributing.
The charity shops are not allowed to sell the ones which are free with newspapers. They are best passed on to friends or hospital charities etc.
Healthy Planet, when they were there used to put them in a box for free.
I put them, and video cassettes in a box outside my house in good weather and they usually disappear quickly.
Oxfam in Hammersmith still sell videos and in Chiswick audio book cassettes are sold but not music cassettes.
Oxfam bookshop also have sleeves for vinyls
I don't know about computer cd's but will ask in Oxfam whether they would be prepared to recycle them. Maybe not?!
They are still collecting bras though!

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