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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Gunnersbury Station - we've heard it before
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 20/12/14 16:42:00

That was spotted by a friend of mine, actually - I presume she notified the Eye.  The judge mentioned in the middle story on p17 ('Wages of Sin') is one of my Dad's oldest friends, too.  It's like a family edition, the current Eye.

Anyway, on Gunnersbury the thing that stands out is how little there is behind the story.  If you go down there and see how little the car parks are used it's not hard to see why, in the current climate, the owners might want to replace them with some flats.  Not a problem, but there should be a firm planning policy stated at the outset that if that happens a second platform and new entrance bridge should be provided to cope with the crowds.

Alternatively, TfL should just put a bid in for the western car park and make the cash back from the development over it.  They're doing this at Bank station in the City, after all.

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