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Topic: Re:Re:Gunnersbury Station - we've heard it before
Posted by: Guy Lambert
Date/Time: 19/12/14 22:59:00

I see Mary is featured in Private Eye this week:

"Another MP spreading seasonal cheer is Mary Macleod, the former Accenture consultant who won Brentford & Isleworth for the Tories in 2010. Macleod's new glossy leaflet gives the impression she can be thanked for all good things in the area, such as the refurbishment of Hounslow High Street - illustrated with a photo of a smiling Mary Macleod standing in front of the HMV store.
The blurb about Mary's efforts "to make it a high street of which we can all be proud" neatly sidesteps the fact that the project was instigated by Labour-controlled Hounslow borough council. It also prompts the question of how often she has set foot in the high street lately: the HMV store closed in 2011"

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