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Topic: Re:Boiler / Hot water help
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 20/12/14 13:00:00

I doubt very much if it is a scaling problem.With scaling, the problem would not cause fluctuating temperatures, and you certainly don't want to start thinking about replacing the heat exchanger (400+) or powerflushing, even more expensive.Does the water temperature fluctuate at other taps ? If it does I think it would be more likely to be thermostat problems.If it is just at the one tap, it is almost certainly a problem with the tap itself, especially if it is a mixatap.Whatever the cause, I'm afraid you will probably have to get the plumber in but be very careful if he mentions heat exchangers or flushing as both are very expensive.Probably best to get a second opinion if they say it is somdthing serious

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