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Topic: Projection
Posted by: John Whitworth
Date/Time: 14/12/14 13:36:00

MB, 13/12/14 19:46:00:
"Their denial leads them to make excuse after excuse to protect their ill-founded beliefs, consistently refusing to even address the evidence and, instead, shout: "fool", "idiot", "loon" etc. to those that present the evidence."

This statement is incredible - a textbook example of psychological projection.

I have patiently, politely and respectfully attempted to address the errors in the material presented by MB. I have offered real facts, evidence and scientific analysis to support my arguments, but this has been dismissed with a handwave. Instead, here is a selection of the insults MB has meted out to me and others.

MB, 23/09/14 20:40:00:
"Of course it was staged, you idiot. Check the evidence before believing all you're told, you gullible fool."

MB, 14/11/14 17:10:00:
"Your willingness to believe the content of the article with very little research whilst readily dismissing and ridiculing years of research carried out by Dr Judy Wood immediately raises a question mark over your credibility and motives."

MB, 14/11/14 17:10:00:
"If you claim that the official story is true, you're either uninformed, very stupid (as you claim the very astute Dr Judy Wood to be) or you're another cover-up merchant."

MB, 18/11/14 23:22:00:
"You’d be forgiven for asking the relevance of John posting a calculated speed without allowing for drag. There isn't any relevance, other than John needing to find a high (but very misleading) figure from somewhere to fool people with, because a Boeing 767 can't fly anywhere near 586mph at sea level."

MB, 03/12/14 20:18:00:
"The official story is laughable and supported by no credible evidence whatsoever; so for you to state that it is correct makes you an idiot or a liar."

MB, 05/12/14 13:14:00:
"You ARE an idiot or a liar and deserve to be insulted."

MB, 07/12/14 20:26:00:
"We have our sheeple like Dave and Jonathan who simply seem to find the truth about what happened that day too traumatic to deal with; and then we have people like Mr Whitworth. We may never know whether he's an idiot or has reason to lie about his 9/11 beliefs but, based upon the knowledge he has expressed, I suspect the latter. To know about all the research and indisputable evidence presented by Dr Judy Wood (all of which is covered up by the mainstream media), and probable knowledge of a lot of other evidence, and still think that 19 Islamic hijackers with box cutters were responsible, causing a 'pancake' collapse of the towers, which clearly didn't happen, would make him one of the biggest idiots in the world, which I think is unlikely."

MB, 09/12/14 19:39:00:
"The results of Dr Judy Wood's research are censored from Wikipedia. The evidence that she presents is even deleted by third parties that post it. Try and work out why, mug."

MB, 10/12/14 00:38:00:
"I think a comedy night would be more appropriate with stand-up acts like Colin Wren, Carl Wynne, Gintrough, Clarky boy and Miss England having to answer to the indisputable evidence, which none of them have so far addressed. We don't want a perspex screen though - we need to get as much rotten veg and eggs together as we can to chuck at these idiots... even stone them to knock some sense into these retards."

MB, 10/12/14 00:48:00:
"Dear Retards, ..."

MB, 11/12/14 20:08:00:
"I don't care how diluted you think my claims are. If you think that it's in the public interest that some of them are brought to the public in a more distinct manner, then present these claims to the public yourself, you dipstick."

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