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Topic: Re:Villa De Geggiano
Posted by: David Noades
Date/Time: 25/11/14 10:00:00

Went on Saturday night and enjoyed an excellent meal.

The sharing platter starter that we had showed careful consideration in the selection of high quality meats and cheeses.

For the main, we shared the Florentine steak - I have to say, this was the best steak that I have had in a long time - not cheap (45 between two), but for 800g of meat of this quality it represented very good value.

To drink, we chose the middle-priced option (28) from the three bottles of estate bottled Chianti on offer, which was also excellent.

Service was very attentive (without being obtrusive) throughout and yes, they did offer to take our coats!

A great addition to the local restaurant scene - look forward to our next visit.

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