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Posted by: John Martin
Date/Time: 19/11/14 23:29:00

Just been . Grub is good generally but not truely spectacular . As a dining experience its ok . Seem to be masses[too many - how can any money be made with so many] of staff . They are aiming at the top end . HID commented that they did not offer to take our coats which one would expect in a place like this. A bit of portion control and a strangely constructed menu . The radicco pear and walnut salad had no walnuts -sloppy . They replaced this . HID said the chicken was terrific but there were no proper veg available and they are aiming at lots of add ons. My lamb was good but not as plentifully as I was led to believe. Booze reasonable but not world class. However when the bill came there were I think 3 items[c 30] added which we had not had and that is just not on. Ok correction and apologies made but given they were not busy that was just not on. I warned them of power of W4 Website. Jury is out. Try it . It should be able to succeed but do check your bill!! Given the massive staffing level there really should be no room for error and the management needs to sharpen up if they are going to seriously compete with the other 99ish eateries in the Strip.

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